ConferencesJuly 25, 2019
START TRADING TIGER NOW will hold a big conference in Madrid.

Leading practice experts will talk about innovations, business, working cases, as well as insights from industry participants, comments from government representatives, networking and the most useful contacts.
Thematic blocks:
– Cryptocurrencies and classic finance.
– Regulation and prospects for the cryptocurrency market.
– Blockchain as a security tool.
– Blockchain and innovative technologies (AI, IOT, BIG DATA, WEB 3.0).
– Cross-industrial application of blockchain technologies.
– Tokenization. Secrets and practices.
– Review of the market of tokensails
– Business in the field of cryptocurrency. Techniques and tips from professionals.
– New horizons for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Forecasts
• experts from the USA, China, India;
• founders of startups;
• become large companies;
• financial analysts;
• authors of initiatives and state representatives.
• representatives of innovative business;
• investors;
• developers;
• marketers;
• corporate representatives;
• lawyers;
• everyone who wants to improve the efficiency and innovation level of their company.

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