How to sell STTN

When you are ready to sell your STTN, the first step is to transfer your balance to a cryptocurrency exchange with a liquid market for your chosen trading pair. For large withdrawals, you may have to verify your identity to comply with financial services regulations, so it is wise to set up your account ahead of time to prevent delays. As with all cryptocurrency transactions, it is important to verify that you are sending your tokens the correct address since there is no way to reclaim balances sent to the wrong address.

Now your STTN coins are on an exchange, you can trade them for another currency. STTN does not have trading pairs, so you must trade it on BTC, ETH or other more-established altcoins that can be traded directly for USD. Then change such currencies to USD. If the exchange offers USD withdrawals, you can initiate a wire transfer to send the money to your bank account.

You can sell STTN using your personal account. You make a request at first, and then our system checks all the details and processes your task. After that, the money is transferred to your specified account. Easy peasy!

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Добрый вечер. Может кто подскажет новичку, как выводить прибыль? Во вкладке My profit есть несколько STTN, но на личном счете указан 0. Через withdrawal при заказе пишет, что недостаточно средств (но в профите больше 1 STTN уже начислено)
не могу заказать тариф ? имею 25 сттн но не могу ? почему
кто поможет,где я ошибаюсь ?
хочу попробовать вывести,ноо показывает ошибку в чём проблема ?
Добрый вечер. Может кто подскажет новичку, как выводить прибыль? Во вкладке Моя прибыль есть несколько STTN, но по личному номеру указан 0. При снятии средств при заказе пишется, что средств недостаточно (но в профите больше 1 STTN уже начато)
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Хочу портфельн с на 2 к активировать ! Куда отписать хочу консультацию сначала ?
Hello! Please help!
- I deposited money into the BTC wallet address as requested 2 days ago, the transaction has been confirmed, but until now my account still has no money. What should I do?
- Can you check it for me?