Our team is working productively on improving the platform every day. We want to make our project for each of our clients as convenient and profitable as possible. You will be pleasantly surprised by the updated interface. We created it easier and more convenient for using, so you will not have problems while working with the platform. The protection of our clients’ assets rises to a new technological level. It is the above-mentioned features that will help us create a truly huge client base; we mean successful investors, traders and network business leaders.

Our goals

The primary goals are the creation and further introduction of our own STTN cryptocurrency to the world market. New technology and a huge range of applications will make our currency a market leader. The STTN team will become even more influential among the world’s cryptocurrency experts due to innovative solutions. The next step will be a global marketing campaign and the process of promoting the STTN asset. We are sure that our non-standard promotion methods will help to interest the offline and online audience in STTN services. The final stage – the launch of the scaling process around the world. Representative offices will be created in each advanced country that respects the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency at all.


Cryptocurrencies have become a real miracle in our time. These assets were invented to improve the global economy and stop financial chaos all over the world. This is really the best alternative to modern methods of payment and material calculations. Our global goal is to help everyone to try these digital assets. We do not care about your status, material characteristics, skills and knowledge. We will help you use cryptocurrencies directly and make your life much better and brighter. Our company offers everyone many modern auxiliary tools for everyday work with these values:

  • Multicurrency wallets;
  • All types of investments for profit (mining, trade);
  • A partnership program consisting of seven levels;
  • A modern exchange based on P2P technology;
  • The ability to open representative offices of our company in any region.

Now internal and external transactions can be made in a few clicks. We will help you to use the most valuable resource in the world, time, in rational ways.


The STTN team consists of true professionals and experts. Each member of the team is reliable and has unique skills. We managed to create a reliable and productive cooperation system. Each department complements the process of functioning of the team harmoniously. For example, the department responsible for analytics provides our traders with useful and relevant reports every hour. As a result, we lead in the number of profitable market transactions. Due to this fact, miners have the opportunity to increase the power of calculations. STTN constantly deals with market leaders and various major funds. We do not want to brag, but such subjects have a very strong influence on the market value of any cryptocurrency.

Currently, there are 9 STTN units operating:
  • Traders - trade masterly on the best cryptocurrency platforms.
  • Miners - ensure uninterrupted operation of computing power and cryptocurrency mining farms. These people also replace and upgrade all parts of the equipment in time.
  • Department of professional analysts - consists of successful traders who study many important aspects: the behavior of the cryptocurrency market, current strategies for making profitable deals, the relevance of tokens (order statistics), the emergence of young and promising projects and ICOs.
  • The cryptocurrency creators - their main task is to create and integrate STTN cryptocurrency on the market. They also optimize transaction rates and minimize costs in the STTN network.
  • Promotion Department - experienced marketers who plan and run advertising campaigns, popularize STTN project and investment strategies.
  • Technical Support - direct communication with all customers and providing answers to questions related to our project. Moreover, this department is multilanguage enough to help people from any country in the world!
  • Programmers Department - specialists monitor the operation of the platform servers and improve the STTN modules.
  • Department of P2P exchanges and multi-currency wallet control - troubleshoot user transactions and provide decent data protection.
  • Legal advisors - help us to solve all legal aspects related to the project according to modern digital assets laws. They monitor the correctness of all active operations, check the legitimacy degree of investments, etc.
Why us / Benefits / Solutions

We offer our clients the most profitable ways of earning, adequate partnerships and an incredibly convenient personal account on the platform. Our users have the opportunity to buy tokens before the official release. Only the STTN team is able to offer such a variety of services. Our project will help you to start a constant income process with minimal time and money investments.

    STTN resources allow us to promote our product worldwide without much effort.
    Guaranteed stable development of the project and cryptocurrency STTN.
    We actively publish hot news from the world of cryptocurrency, analytical reports and world-renowned expert’s trainings.
    Our employees easily communicate in many languages of the world. Multi language support will surprise you.
    Your accounts are securely protected by multi-factor authentication and TSL encryption.
    The platform works automatically. Breakdown cases are almost impossible.
    We offer a convenient personal account and a variety of support tools. Any user can quickly learn how to manage his assets through a fantastically user-friendly interface.
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Добрый вечер. Может кто подскажет новичку, как выводить прибыль? Во вкладке My profit есть несколько STTN, но на личном счете указан 0. Через withdrawal при заказе пишет, что недостаточно средств (но в профите больше 1 STTN уже начислено)
не могу заказать тариф ? имею 25 сттн но не могу ? почему
кто поможет,где я ошибаюсь ?
хочу попробовать вывести,ноо показывает ошибку в чём проблема ?
Добрый вечер. Может кто подскажет новичку, как выводить прибыль? Во вкладке Моя прибыль есть несколько STTN, но по личному номеру указан 0. При снятии средств при заказе пишется, что средств недостаточно (но в профите больше 1 STTN уже начато)
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Хочу портфельн с на 2 к активировать ! Куда отписать хочу консультацию сначала ?
Hello! Please help!
- I deposited money into the BTC wallet address as requested 2 days ago, the transaction has been confirmed, but until now my account still has no money. What should I do?
- Can you check it for me?